How to Redirect Users after Successful Login in WordPress

How to Redirect Users in WordPress
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Search functionality is a must have if you’re dealing with a larger number of articles. If you are writing on a daily basis, imagine the number of articles scattered across different categories. If you publish only three short articles per day, there will be over a thousand different titles in your database after the first year. Now imagine yourself coming to the site for the first time while looking for something specific – you will want to search for it.

How to Redirect Users after Successful Login in WordPress
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How to Redirect Users in WordPress After a Successful Login
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Redirecting users in WordPress after a login has potential to boost productivity and interest in the site’s content. There are a number of possibilities whether it’s a reward for registering or putting authors directly in front of resources before writing. It all depends on your ideas of an efficient website.

How to Redirect Users after Login & Registration in WordPress
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Or in case you allow users to sign up for paid accounts using Paid Member Subscriptions in combination with Profile Builder, they will automatically get the user role of the selected subscription plan at registration. Which means users selecting different plans will have different user roles.
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