How to Redact Text in WordPress

How to Redact Text in WordPress
Mildred Sherman

Did you ever want to redact some text in your WordPress blog posts? Redaction is the term used for editing text by blacking out sensitive parts of it. In this article, we will show you how to redact text in WordPress showing the user that some text has been redacted but not giving up the text.

How to Redact Text in Your WordPress Blog Posts
Eun Varney

If you want to use a blacklist of terms in your blog for redaction, WP Redactor may be of some use. This will let you place certain “patterns” for WordPress to look for. If an author uses any of those anywhere in copy, WP Redactor will automatically remove them from view. You can also input certain user roles of who can see the text live. This could be a good way to make money by selling subscriptions by creating those roles for people who pay so they can read the content.

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Faustina Sadler

Redacting text means to black out some text or words for other purposes like in law, when legally protected sections of text are obscured in a document provided to opposing counsel, typically as part of the discovery process or whatever. In WordPress post, it simply means you are blacking out a word which you don’t want to write or may be your want your visitors to use their brains and guess at word’s identity etc.

Sherrie Bollinger

Simply add the plugin and activate it. Now all you have to do is add shortcode [redacted] anywhere you want the blacked out text block to show up.

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