How to Receive WordPress Emails from Localhost

Sending emails from a WordPress site on localhost
Liliana Cardona

I am at the same point as P847765. When I test send the email form the WP Mail settings page it works but then I try to subscribe from the wordpress subscription page I get the message that the subscription was not saved, email not sent. The subscriber is created however, just with no lists subscribed to. I don’t receive an email either so it appears the email really is not getting sent.

How to send and Test WordPress emails on localhost?
Santana Quigley

When you are done with those options, click Save and the basic configuration is done! However, there is an additional small task to complete to finalize the process. You need to go to your Gmail account settings and enable Access for less secure Apps.
Actually, this method will smoothly work with the majority of email providers. In case you are using your host to create emails, SMTP integration with WordPress will also work stunningly. In this case you need to go to cPanel, find Email section and configure SMTP settings from there. You don’t need to worry about unexpected issues, since you are well aware of what you are giving access to.

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