How to Quickly Batch Delete Spam Comments in WordPress

3 Ways to Remove All Spam and Pending Comments in WordPress
Christy Garner

If one day you wake up to find thousands of spam or pending comments in your WordPress admin area, do not be afraid because there are easy ways to quickly delete the comments. If the spam comments keeps coming in, you should first configure your website to stop accepting any comments.
Login to WordPress admin, go to Settings > Discussion. Tick the “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” checkbox ad click the Save Changes button. Then go to Settings > General and make sure that the “Anyone can register” checkbox is uncheck. This two combination settings will prevent any visitor from being able to post comment on your website. We’ll start to clean up the pending or spam comments once this is done. Here we have 3 different ways to delete all WordPress spam comments.
Laurie Castro

How may I bulk delete spam reviews on my woocommerce site? I have something like 1000 of spam reviews i need to get rid of.

How to Quickly Mass Delete Spam Comments in WordPress
Liliana Cardona

We hope this article helped you find a better way to mass delete spam comments from your WordPress site. If you’re having issues with spam, then it’s worth checking out an anti-spam solution. There are several free and paid options out there that can help relieve the burden. Visit the WordPress repository:

How to Quickly Delete Spam Comments in Bulk?
Jung Wilbanks

2. Using a plugin
Wordpress plugins play a crucial role in the working of a WordPress website. Whether you are looking to extend the functionality of your website or merely change the look and feel of the theme, WordPress plugin can easily make your website stand out from the rest without ever making you edit a single line of code. And deleting spam comments is no exception.
To make the process of removing bulk spam comments from your site easier and convenient, you need install Batch Comment Spam Deletion.
Batch Comment Spam Deletion
The plugin basically modifies the inbuilt Empty Spam feature in the WordPress. The plugin, instead of deleting all the comments at once, deletes them in batches of 100 comments. Once all the comments are deleted, it will navigate you to the comments page automatically. Batch Comment Spam Deletion minimizes the load on your web server whilst letting you quickly delete all inappropriate and unnecessary comments from your site.

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