How to Put a Stop to WordPress Trackback Spam

How to Put a Stop to WordPress Trackback Spam
Faustina Sadler

Yes, ideally you would want people to linkback to your post and you would want to show those links as trackbacks. However, the ration of spam trackbacks and genuine trackbacks shows that the feature alone is not worth the trouble. This is why most site owners choose to turn it off completely. Adding a link into your post is not a trackback, it is a link. However, if the site you linked to is running on WordPress, and the site owner hasn’t turned off trackbacks, then they will receive your link as a trackback.

How to Put a Stop to WordPress Trackback Spam
Eileen Guerrero

Is your site dealing with trackback spam? Trackbacks can become a serious problem for many site owners. In this video, we will show you how to put a stop to WordPress trackback spam.

How to Stop Trackback Spam on WordPress
Aline Knutson

One of the problems with most blogging platforms is that people can easily abuse the trackback feature. On WordPress, for instance, you have a box right below the text editor titled “Send Trackbacks.” If users put the URL of your post there and publish or update their posts, your blog will get a trackback notification and probably put a link on your comments section to that blog.

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