How To Publish To WordPress Remotely Using Windows Live Writer

How to Publish To WordPress Remotely Using Windows Live Writer
Nedra Vanhorn

I just used your guidance to download and install Windows Live Writer. Thank you! As a new blogger, who dutifully read a lot of the information provided at WordPress CODEX; I kept trying to find a download for Windows Live Writer – as the CODEX often recommended. Yet, when I tried to download Windows Live Writer, I was told that I already had a more recent version; yet no version showed up in my program list. (I did have some of the associated programs, by not Live Writer.) Then, when I used your download, I was taken to Windows Live Essentials – the newest version of Live Writer etal. Now I have windows Live Writer; and, at a glance, I can see how much easier this is going to make blogging for me. I was lost without you. Thanks.

How to Publish To WordPress Remotely Using Windows Live Writer
Molly Alvarez

Windows live writer is a versatile tool that allows you to publish posts onto your WordPress blog directly from your desktop. This means that you don’t need to sign into your WordPress admin panel to update your blog at all. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to enable desktop publishing for your WordPress blog using Windows Live Writer.

How to Use Windows Live Writer with WordPress Blog
Naomi Pratt

While trying to connect WLW to WP I was getting the “Windows Live Writer was not able to automatically detect your blog” error. I have two WP blogs, one public and the other invite-only. I was getting that error only on the invite-only one. To work around, I only had to set it to public in the WP settings.privacy section, make the WLW connection, and then set the privacy back to private.

A Complete Guide to Publishing WordPress Posts Using Windows Live Writer
Parthenia Fortier

Windows Live Writer is a free versatile tool from Microsoft’s Live Essentials pack and stands out for being the most convenient multi-platform blogging tool. This software equips an author with all the necessary tools required for writing, formatting and optimizing their blog posts. Windows Live Writer or simply WLW in short has the best WYSIWYG editor, better media and image insertion options and amazing formatting features.
Marlana Peralta

When you start Windows Live Writer for the first time, you’ll be prompted to configure the program to connect to your blog.  If your blog is set to private, you’ll need to temporarily change that setting  to be able to add it successfully.  Go to Settings > Reading in your dashboard and set your blog’s Site Visibility setting to “Discourage search engines from indexing this site“.

How To Configure Windows Live Writer For Self Hosted WordPress Blog
Xenia Seal

When it comes to desktop blog publishing tool, Windows Live Writer is the one that echoes in my mind. Windows Live Writer is sure the best offline blog publishing tool, but sometimes configuring it for especially WordPress blogs, creates a lot of problem. It’s the very start that creates a bit problem, rest is just a smooth sail. So how to configure Windows Live Writer for the self hosted WordPress blog. Here’s a quick tutorial which will guide you through the minutes steps to make it easy for you (Also store Windows Live Writer Drafts at Dropbox).

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