How to Properly Uninstall a WordPress Plugin

How to Properly Uninstall a WordPress Plugin
Carrie Tran

Thank you for this article! I have been receiving your updates for over a year, never having time to sit and learn WP, but knew this was a great resource.
I am a novice at WP, but quickly ramping up from my “learned experiences” that includes waste of money, weeks no exaggeration of my time, my frustration and everyone around me…..its been hard. But, in hindsight, necessary for me because I feel smarter and I finally cut the cord from using and paying for templates from hosting providers. I’m slowly getting there…

How to Uninstall a WordPress Plugin (the Proper Way)
Genevieve White

With over 50,000 WordPress plugins on the repository alone, it’s more than likely you’ll test out and compare a few different ones to accomplish tasks or solve problems on your site. When you’re done with one, you simply uninstall it by deactivating and deleting it right? Wrong, the issue with doing it this way is that it can leave behind tables and rows in your database, and over time this can add up quite quickly, which in turn can affect your site’s performance and even cost you money on disk space. Today we are going to show you a few tips on how to uninstall a WordPress plugin the proper way to ensure your database stays small and snappy.

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