How to Properly Move WordPress From Subdomain to Root Domain

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Harmony Childress

As you’ll be making significant changes to your WordPress configuration, you should first take a backup of your WordPress site. There are various plugins you can use to back up your WordPress files and database but the cPanel Backup Tool, available from your HostPapa dashboard is simple and comprehensive. Read this HostPapa Knowledge Base document to find out more about backing up your WordPress site.
Perla Thorne

Again, I’ve read the Codex instructions on moving WordPress and the processes described there don’t seem to address this specific situation. That, or I’m misreading something. In any case, I’m not quite certain exactly how to proceed after I back up the “new” site and I’m in need of some advice. It’s my understanding that there’s an “easy” way to do this if cPanel is installed (it is) but I can’t seem to find the page again that said that.

How to Move WordPress From a Subdomain to the Root
Faith Daniel

Many people will have things like social media accounts linking back to the website. You should go through and change all of these to reflect the new URL. Although the redirect will help traffic find your pages, it’s better to just fix these now. After all, you might want to delete the subdomain at some point down the road.

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