How to Properly Move from Squarespace to WordPress

Migrate from Squarespace to WordPress
Naomi Pratt

There are thousands of options when it comes to choosing a hosting provider. Ideally, you want to pick one that understands WordPress, and optimizes its setup for the platform. If possible, it’s smart to use a WordPress-specific host. Here at WP Engine, for example, we offer several tiers of plans you can choose from, all dedicated to WordPress users.

How to Migrate from Squarespace to WordPress
Glory Ketchum

Unlike custom domain name, you cannot point Squarespace subdomain ( to WordPress. Without a proper redirect, all incoming traffic and links pointing to the subdomain would be lost. Squarespace has a great tool named URL Mappings for this. By using URL Mappings you can create 301 and 302 redirects and drive all your traffic from to your new WordPress website. A 301 redirect means that URL has been moved permanently, while a 302 redirect is a temporary change of URL. In general, it’s better to use 301 redirects because they pass SEO value better than 302.
Vi Neville

I’m really confused on how to move from Squarespace to WordPress, and I decided to install WP in cPanel first. Since I only know how to do it in Softaculous, I searched for Softaculous in cPanel but found that I didn’t have it installed at all.

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