How to Prevent WordPress from Generating Image Sizes
Freda Moody

Hi, great theme. I have problem with too many images created by theme. How to easy stop creation of unnecessary images. For example I have 30 posts with 3-5 images in post pages but on server I have 800+ images for that 30 posts. I am using theme for one static page (homepage) and blog with access from menu. On homepage I have widget “blog posts with layout 4” to show latest posts. I want to disable all images except for “blog post widget” (I think 500px) and for post image, also in post images are not clickable, so I don’t need that size.

How to Prevent WordPress from Generating Multiple Resized Images
Margherita Boyle

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Melda Rapp

Sounds like a problem? What is the solution then?
This is where our plugin comes into the picture. Just install the plugin and choose which of the imaze sizes you want to prevent from generating.
Yvette Garrett

For example If there’s 20 images in my post. I want WP to generate image sizes for the Featured image only, and for other inserted images i don’t want different sizes.
Actually the problem is the limited storage space and the other problem is that with those useless image sizes the backup file has more size.
Aurora Delacruz

column1-1/2: 1140×570 pixels (cropped to fit)
column1-1/3: 1140×380 pixels (cropped to fit)
column1-1/4: 1140×285 pixels (cropped to fit)
column1-2/5: 1140×456 pixels (cropped to fit)
column2-1/1: 570×570 pixels (cropped to fit)
column2-1/4: 570×142 pixels (cropped to fit)
column2-1/2: 570×285 pixels (cropped to fit)
column2-2/3: 570×380 pixels (cropped to fit)
column2-3/5: 570×342 pixels (cropped to fit)
column3-1/1: 380×380 pixels (cropped to fit)
column3-1/3: 380×107 pixels (cropped to fit)
column3-2/5: 380×152 pixels (cropped to fit)
column3-2/3: 380×254 pixels (cropped to fit)
column3-3/4: 380×285 pixels (cropped to fit)
column4-1/1: 285×285 pixels (cropped to fit)
column4-2/3: 285×190 pixels (cropped to fit)
column4-3/4: 285×214 pixels (cropped to fit)

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