How to Prevent Disqus from overriding your WordPress Comment Count

How to Prevent Disqus from overriding your WordPress Comment Count
Gloria Russell

Disqus, a comment platform, tends to go out and change the comments number hook for WordPress. This may end up causing your theme to show the text “View Comments” instead of the actual comment count that you want it to show. The reason why Disqus tries to replace the comment count shown by WordPress is that it will be out of sync with the actual comment count on many occasions. So by having these replacement settings, your comment counts should match what they are in Disqus however getting rid of this replacement settings will make your pages load faster. Recently, we had an opportunity to work on a client’s site that had this issue ruining the styling of their comments count box. In this article, we will show you how to prevent Disqus from overriding your WordPress Comment Count in themes.

How to Stop Overriding the WordPress Comment Count from Disqus
Livia Jeffery

Today, I will demonstrate how to stop overriding the WordPress comment count from Disqus using two methods. The first method involves locating an advanced setting of Disqus called “Render Comments JavaScript.” This setting will typically fix the issue if comments are not displaying on your website. However, its success is based entirely on the theme you are using.

How to override a disqus comment count with the comment count from my WordPress theme
Sonja Moran

i have installed Disqus comment system on one of my wordpress
blogs, but i want the comment numbers to show as 0
instead of 0 Comments or 12 instead of
12 Comments. Previously there used to be an Appearance
section in Disqus admin that used to have an option to change this
output as was suggested in answer to this question. But seems like the
Appearance section has been taken off by Disqus. Is there
any other way to achieve this (without messing with the plugin code,
ofcourse.) ??

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