How to Password Protect a Page or Post in WordPress

How to Password Protect a Page or Post in WordPress
Verla Miner

The blog page is a place holder to display your WordPress blog posts. Unlike regular WordPress pages which show page content, this page shows your blog posts list. Normally, the WordPress password protect feature works on the content of a post or page. However, a blog page has no content of its own. This is why before the password protection can kick in, the blog posts get displayed.

4 Different Ways to Password Protect WordPress
Janet Alexander

And that finishes up our guide to password protect WordPress in all kinds of ways. If you just need to restrict individual WordPress posts, you can use WordPress’ built-in password functionality. Otherwise, to password protect other parts of WordPress, you’ll need to use one of the third-party plugins I referenced above.

How to Password Protect Pages in WordPress
Amelia Glover

Currently WordPress has no way to password protect the entire WordPress site or hide its contents. To achieve this you’ll need to use a 3rd party plugin. The perfect plugin to hide an entire WordPress site or sections of it is the SeedProd Coming Soon Pro Plugin. With the Coming Soon Pro plugin you can hide sections or the hide entire WordPress site using the plugin’s built-in access controls.

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