How to Package Your Thoughts into Messages and Messages into Money (Blog World 2010)

How to Package Your Thoughts into Messages and Messages into Money (Blog World 2010)
Cora Mullins

Everyone has a brand. Whether you know it or not, who you are and what you do contributes to your brand and how people see you. Take the time to develop a brand and stick with it. Your brand should stick to you like a name tag sticks to Scott, and you should take the time to keep it consistent. To keep his brand consistent, Scott hand writes each and every one of the name tags he wears, and those that are not consistent with the brand image are discarded. You need to take the same care and control in your brand identity both in person and on your website. Your website needs to become more then a landing page of information about you, it needs to become a destination for your user. If you do not take the time to sit down and make a name for yourself, one day someone else will come along and label you, and you may not agree with what they have to say about you. Your brand is worth your time and consistency and “consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness.”

How to turn your blog into money
Amelia Glover

‘Finding your niche and maintaining a life outside of YouTube is also incredibly important; for too many it can become your whole entire life and the only validation you get is from your videos. One video with a bad reception can really tear down someone’s self-esteem, so always make sure you have friends and/or family who are completely outside that world.’ – This way your content will remain fresh interesting too.

6 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Money Maker
Bethany Reynolds

You could also sign up with an on-demand branding service. An on-demand branding service is an online store that sells a variety of items that are basically blank canvases for your logo, brand or funny quip. The various services offer such items as mouse pads, T-shirts, bumper stickers, clocks, aprons and so on. Each item you select to sell will be displayed, with your graphics on it, on the customized and branded web page that the service provides you so it looks like it's your site selling your own merchandise. Through this page, your readers can purchase items, which are then printed and shipped. You don't need to worry about doing anything except setting up the store and collecting the revenues. The service handles the rest.

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