How to Organize Your WordPress Blogroll Links?

How to Organize WordPress Links, Previously Known as Blogroll
Rosemary Jacobs

The traditional “blogroll” was removed from WordPress some time ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t post links to your favorite resources or give shout-outs to relevant websites. Now, you have a few options to organize your WordPress links like a blogroll that are easier to manage in many cases.

How to Organize Your WordPress Links List
Cristina Cox

You can create multiple categories for your links on the WordPress Dashboard if you want to have more than one link list. Sometimes, having a large list of links below the Blogroll heading is just too generic, and you may want to display groups of links with different headings that further define them.
Odelia Arndt

The Links menu in your dashboard can be used to create a blogroll. A blogroll is essentially just a list of links that appears in your sidebar. The term “blogroll” was originally used because it was a list of links to other blogs, but you can include links to any sites.

How to Organize Links on Your WordPress Blog
Becky Gardner

You can create an unlimited amount of link categories to sort your link lists by topics. Revisit the Link Categories page any time you want to add, edit, or delete a link. To edit or delete a link category, hover your mouse over the link category you want to manage, and then click one of the three links that appears below the link category name:

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