How to Optimize Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress

How to Optimize Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress
Melda Rapp

CWP Youit is Adsense optimized WordPress theme for gaming and magazine sites. It comes with easy to use spots for your Adsense ad placements right under the post blocks on the front page. It’s mobile responsive design allows you to use Adsense ads anywhere on your site without worrying about breaking the site’s layout. CWP Youit is also compatible with all popular ad management plugins. It features a flexible design that makes it suitable for all kind of websites.

How to Optimize Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress
Mary Mann

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How to Optimize Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress
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How to Track AdSense in Google Analytics to Optimize Your Revenue
Kerry Reeves

When it comes to choosing the ad size, the general rule of thumb is that wider ad sizes tend to outperform their taller counterparts because of their reader-friendliness. You can test with different ad sizes on your preferred ad locations, and choose the right size that performs the best.

How to Integrate AdSense With WordPress in 3 Simple Steps
Dianne Hodges

If you are interested in earning a little extra revenue, Google AdSense is one of the first solutions to check out. AdSense enables you to easily insert ads on your website – you just include a small code snippet on your site and Google will handle the rest. Your visitors will see relevant ads and you’ll get paid based on how many people view and/or click on your ads.

How to Increase your AdSense Earnings by Optimization
Kali Stackhouse

One of the fundamental approaches of Ad optimization is to choose the best performing placements (Placement is a location where an ad unit is placed). I have already discussed the concept of Active views. Your primary aim is to increase the active view viewable and also the CTR. Out of the 18 different ad sizes, 300×600, 336×280, 300×250, 900×90 are the best-performing ad units. For desktop traffic, a 300×600 sidebar ad is always preferred. However, if most of your traffic is from mobile devices, I would recommend you to consider square ad formats as they perform better in mobile. Also, the sidebar goes below the content area in mobile and thus not much clicks are recorded when ads are placed on sidebar. One winning combination is having different ad layout formatting for your desktop and mobile traffic and AdPushup does this effectively.

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