How to Nofollow All External Links in WordPress

How To Automatically Nofollow External Links In WordPress
Lyndia Woodruff

I believe that Google is looking at who we link to almost as closely as who links to us. If all your external links are nofollow, that raises a distinct trust issue. My tendency, notwithstanding all the arguments about bleeding off page rank to other sites, is to leave links to high-quality (and relevant) sites as do follow. That is my way of telling Google that my sites belong in a nice neighborhood! This is especially true when I want to support someone else’s work. For example, the homepage of the site in the name field for this comment contains a do-follow link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation; this is one small way of supporting their important work.

How to Make Nofollow Links in WordPress: 2 Easy Methods
Betty Barnes

For example, you can use Set follow or nofollow to decide whether links will be followed or not by default. Or, you can add additional attributes to your links, such as noreferrer. You can customize these settings for both external and internal links, and even exclude certain content from the overall rules. With a little tweaking, you can use WP External Links to get your nofollow links working exactly the way you want.

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