How to Move GoDaddy Website Builder Site to WordPress

Moving GoDaddy Website Builder Site To WordPress
Ruth Todd

You’re going to want to install the WordPress CMS on your new server. You can use Fantastico, Softaculous, Quick install, etc. It should be inside cPanel.  To get to cPanel, you type in your domain name followed by cPanel (example: Different web hosting companies usually offer an application that makes installing your core WordPress files a breeze. I would make sure that before you sign up for any host that you choose, that they do offer this feature, though. Otherwise, you are going to have to install WordPress manually.

How to Migrate GoDaddy Website Builder Site to WordPress
Genevieve White

Another quick option to back up your website content is to visit each of your website pages on your browser. On your keyboard, press CTRL+S (Command+S for Mac), this will bring up the save dialog box. Make sure to choose “Webpage, Complete” in the “format” or “save as type” field. Save each of your website pages this way.

Move my WordPress site automatically
Glory Ketchum

If you have a WordPress site with another company, you can move it to your Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, or Developer Managed WordPress account using the built-in migration tool. However, you cannot migrate a WordPress site if it has:

Move Your GoDaddy Website to WordPress in 6 Simple Steps
Brinda Keegan

The blurb’s included a solid black icon with large header, and separate text (more on the text later). I added Divi’s built-in icons and adjusted their size to match. I felt that GoDaddy’s icons weren’t specialized toward web design, so I just I just used something similar rather than trying to match them exactly. If you need icons see the article 10 of the Best Places to Find Free Icons and Image Assets Online or search the Elegant Theme’s blog for free icons.

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