How to Move from LiveJournal to WordPress

How to Move from LiveJournal to WordPress
Tiffany Reed

Do you want to switch your LiveJournal site to WordPress? While LiveJournal is a nice place to publish your journal entries, it is extremely limited which is why many users move to WordPress. Recently one of our readers asked if we can create a step by step guide on migrating from LiveJournal to WordPress. In this article, we will show you how to move your blog from LiveJorunal to WordPress.

How to Move from LiveJournal to WordPress
Brittany Wells

There were the times when practically every web user had a LiveJournal blog. But the times have changed and most contemporary bloggers use WordPress themes based sites as their major blogging platforms. However, if you have a lot of useful content on your LJ blog it can be easily made the transfer to WordPress without losing any posts. This is the step-by-step instruction on how to do this.

How to Move Your Blog from WordPress to LiveJournal
Sue Rhodes

This connects your WordPress site to your LiveJournal account and automatically imports all entries from your LiveJournal into your WordPress installation. If your LiveJournal site has a lot of entries, this could take a long time — so be patient.

How to Import Your Blog from LiveJournal to WordPress
Vi Neville

To speed up the process a little, you can save all the exported XML LiveJournal files in one text document by copying and pasting each month’s XML file into one plain-text file (created in a text editor such as Notepad), thereby creating one long XML file with all the posts from your LiveJournal blog. You can then save the file as an XML file to prepare it for import into your WordPress blog.

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