How to Move Custom Domain Blogger Blog to WordPress

How to Move your Blogger Blog on Custom Domain to WordPress
Yessenia Tellez

Well the good news is that if you are using a custom domain with your Blogger blog, you can very easily switch to WordPress and your search engine rankings won’t be affected. That’s because WordPress allows you to have the same URLs for your migrated blog posts and thus the move across platforms would be transparent to search bots and your existing blog subscribers.

How to Move a WordPress Domain to Blogger
Alberta Phelps

If you’ve purchased a domain name from, you have the option of moving the domain to another blogging platform such as Blogger. After you’ve moved, you can automatically redirect customers who type your old URL to your new site on Blogger. This gives you the freedom to host your blog on any website that satisfies your needs. Use the tools in your WordPress and Blogger accounts to configure the settings necessary to move your WordPress domain to Blogger.

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