How to Monitor User Activity in WordPress with Simple History

How to Monitor User Activity in WordPress with Simple History
Laurie Castro

Running a multi-author blog can have quite a few challenges. One tool most admins seek out is a way to monitor activity on their websites. In this video, we will show you how to monitor user activity in WordPress with Simple History.

How to Monitor User Activity in WordPress
Chantel Michaud

From here you can choose where to show the history or even use a secret RSS Feed to monitor the history should you want to hide it from other user roles. The plugin will innately show a few predefined actions such as logging in/out, wrong passwords, site changes, user profile changes, etc. If you have development experience and want to add a custom event the plugin allows this as shown on the plugin page:here.

How to Monitor User Activity in WordPress
Naomi Pratt

Similarly, if you have a secondary admin of your site and they have the ability to change your site settings, update themes and plugins, they may create a problem while changing something. If you have the audit log of your site, then you can easily check when the problem actually occurred and how. You can also instruct them how to properly use the function.

5 Best Ways to Monitor WordPress Activity via the Dashboard
Mildred Sherman

Yes, you have written several times about this and your concern is duly noted. As the blog editor, I’d like to be clear: we are not knowingly recommending dangerous or outdated plugins. As I’m sure you know, there is a big difference between a plugin that is truly out of date and a plugin that has not needed to be updated for a while or one that has not had compatibility data officially reported yet. In fact, this describes what I am sure is the vast majority of plugins in the WordPress repository.

5 Best Plugins to Monitor User Activity in WordPress
Melda Rapp

User Activity Log is another great plugin for monitoring site activities. The free version plugin has many useful features that will show you all users’ activities such as WordPress core updates, post and page updates, tag changes, plugin activated and deactivated, theme activated and deactivated, user’s activity throughout your site and much more. You will also get email notification when a particular user logged in to your site. 

How To Monitor User Activities In WordPress: 5 Plugins
Brandi Flores

WordPress is a great content management system to use to start online communities. Many WordPress webmasters do not open user registrations to keep things simple for their business. If you do plan to add new users to your community, you need to monitor the changes that happen on your site. These 5 plugins let you monitor activities inside WordPress:

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