How to Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress

How to Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress
Tasha Martin

Do you think your WordPress site never goes down while you sleep? What would happen if it stopped responding in the middle of the night while the other side of the world wants to access your blog? This might affect your site’s reputation. Sometimes, your site may go down and come back up without you even knowing about it. In this article, we will look at how to monitor your server uptime in WordPress, so you can be aware of everything.

6 Best Tools to Monitor Uptime and Downtime in WordPress
Sandra Gilbert

As soon as you create a free account with them, it would begin to test your site from over seventy locations. It would check your website every minute and automatically send you a push notification or an Email. This means that the time taken by you to get the website up would reduce greatly. You would be able to receive SMS alerts if you choose the premium version.

WordPress Uptime & Downtime Monitoring
Perla Thorne

Uptime Robot is one of the fuller-featured uptime monitoring solutions on our list. The free plan offers five-minute monitoring intervals, as well as both email and SMS alerts. You also have access to uptime/downtime statistics (two months for the free plan, and 12 months for premium ones). By upgrading, you have access to more frequent monitoring (every one minute).

5 Top Website Monitoring Services and How to Monitor WordPress Uptime Automatically
Mikaela Werner

Even if you’re already taking all the necessary precautions to maintain and protect your WordPress site, sometimes your site can still go down for reasons that you can’t control. You need to be prepared for when this happens in order to quickly put things back in order because the longer you wait, the more money you’re leaving on the table. Fortunately, there are a few nice website monitoring services and tools out there that will monitor WordPress uptime and downtime for you, so you don’t have to check it manually.

This Is How You Need to Monitor Your WordPress Site’s Uptime
Kit Suarez

Pingdom can get expensive. The Starter plan is $9.59 per month—other plans are even pricier. For most readers, this will seem too steep, and it probably is. Pingdom provides a plethora of features that other uptime monitoring services don’t have, which drives the cost up. But the cost probably isn’t an issue if you really need the features it provides. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Instagram use Pingdom. Most of us can’t afford it, and most of us don’t need it.

How To Monitor WordPress Server Uptime, CPU Usage and RAM
Rosemary Jacobs

Installing a caching plugin like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache will reduce the amount of resources your site uses but you’ll still need to keep below the resource limits your web server offers in order to avoid downtime.

The Best WordPress Uptime and Downtime Monitoring Plugins
Arianna Melancon

You might have opted for a hosting server that guarantees you uptime throughout the day and night, but that doesn’t mean they are strictly following their guidances. So, it’s important that you monitor your website time by yourself to remove any downtime possibility to avoid loss of business. That’s where you will require special monitoring tools and services to ensure you’re getting the services you are paying for to protect any unfortunate consequences.

How to Monitor Uptime and Downtime of a WordPress site
Bess Negron

Web application monitoring is carried out from over 50 global locations and any sluggishness is identified. Web page loading is analyzed and critical services like HTTP(S), FTP(S), DNS, PING, TCP, SSL, SMTP and POP are monitored. Servers, internal networks, network devices, server side monitoring, DNS server. SSL certificate expiry, time taken for FTP uploading and downloading, and mail server monitoring are all carried out frequently. You can view all the tests in real time on a single dashboard simply by refreshing, without having to login to your account each time.

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