How to Minify CSS / JavaScript Files in WordPress

How to Minify Your WordPress Site’s CSS, HTML & JavaScript
Lynsey Colson

With more than 20,000 active installs and a five-star rating, this is one of the more popular options available for minifying files. To use it, install and activate the plugin and go to Settings > Fast Velocity Minify. There, you’ll find a stack of options for configuring the plugin, including advanced options for developers JavaScript and CSS exceptions, CDN options, as well server information. However, the default settings work just fine for most sites.

How to Minify CSS in WordPress
Nedra Vanhorn

The real reason you want to minify your WordPress files is to improve the performance of your website. Minify means your files’ size will be reduced because the smaller the file, the easier and quicker your website will load and display pages. This is accomplished by removing unnecessary spaces, lines, and characters from the files, which actually makes these files close to unreadable for an actual human. To be very clear on which files can be minified and benefit your website, they include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. There are other files that may be able to get the minify treatment like a PHP file, but it will have no effect on the performance of your website.

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