How to Manually Update WordPress Using FTP

How to Update WordPress Manually Using FTP or SFTP
Allene Boynton

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How to Use FTP to Manually Update WordPress
Livia Jeffery

When FileZilla begins uploading files, it will give you a message that states, “Target file already exists.” This is normal. Select the radio button to “Overwrite” and check the box for “Apply to current queue only” on the bottom right. Click “OK” and FileZilla will upload the rest of the files without giving you this message again.

How to manually update WordPress using FTP
Lucienne Coon

automatic updates in WordPress 3.7 and later version is only available when there is minor or security updates and it can not update automatically when there is any major update like if you are running version 3.8 then it will automatically update without user input to version 3.8.1  but it will not update itself automatically to version 3.9

WordPress: How to Manually Install WordPress Using FTP
Marlana Peralta

Part 3: Initiate the WordPress Installation Script
Using your web browser, visit the URL path you installed WordPress under (example: '' or ''). Because you are visiting these files for the first time over the web, WordPress will run an installation script which populates the WordPress database. You will be prompted to provide your database connection strings during the installation process. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to log into the WordPress Dashboard.

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