How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with iThemes Sync

How to Manage Multiple WordPress sites with iThemes Sync
Genevieve White

There are some really great tools available in the market for managing multiple WordPress sites. We are not talking about running WordPress multisite network, which is a totally different thing. We are talking about managing separate installations of WordPress sites. Previously we showed you how to manage multiple WordPress sites with ManageWP, InfiniteWP, and MainWP. In this article, we will show you how to manage multiple WordPress sites with iThemes Sync.

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Websites from One Dashboard: 6 Tools
Bess Negron

Again, you’ll self-host the InfiniteWP management dashboard on your own server. There are a few different ways to install this software, but the easiest is to just use the installer plugin. The plugin lets you install the software from inside WordPress, but the actual software sits outside your WordPress install.

Organize Multiple WP Sites in iThemes Sync With Tags
Ruth Todd

Now you can begin tagging sites however you want. Tag business sites, personal sites, client sites, live, non-live or however you want to be able identify your sites. Just make sure the tags are meaningful to you and use however many tags are helpful in organizing your site list.

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