How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Using InfiniteWP

How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP
Perla Thorne

You’ll now be able to manage all of your WordPress sites’ themes and plugins
through InfiniteWP.
You can also use the Protect feature to create backups of all of your sites
and databases.
If you want to manage your WordPress users, posts, and pages, you’ll need
to buy an add-on from

How to Easily Manage Multiple WordPress Sites from One Dashboard (7 Tools)
Kristyn Barrios

Thanks for this review of the various options for managing multiple websites. My only experience is with ManageWP, first as a standalone company, and now owned by GoDaddy. ManageWP is a resource I could not live without, since I handle dozens of sites. Migration and cloning is easy and invaluable. I’ve moved many websites from one host to another, and cloned them for test sites – so easy. The ManageWP crew have been helpful on the few occasions I’ve need support. Mostly it just works, and works well.

How to Easily Manage Multiple WordPress Sites
Serina Etheridge

WordPress is a popular content management system with a large user-base. With its popularity and user-friendliness, many webmasters and bloggers used it for all of their projects, whether for a client or for themselves. A problem starts to arise, though, with too many WordPress sites, as managing and maintaining them on a daily basis can be a tedious task. Luckily, there are several services out there, free and premium, that allow you to manage multiple WordPress sites at one place. In other words, WordPress site owners can run tasks such as updating themes & plugins, upgrading to the latest WordPress version, moderating comments, and much more without having to log in and out between websites.

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP
Alanna Marrero

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP

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How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP

Installing InfiniteWP:
0:53 – Installing InfiniteWP
2:20 – Adding the InfiniteWP Plugin to WordPress
2:48 – Starting the InfiniteWP Installer
3:41 – Running the Setup Process and Connecting to Your WordPress Database
5:47 – Logging into InfiniteWP Control panel for the first time
6:25 – Securing InfiniteWP with HTTPS

Setting Up Infinite WP:
6:59 – Setting Up Infinite WP
7:10 – Adding a WordPress website to the control panel
7:25 – Adding iWP plugin to the WordPress install that you want to manage
8:16 – Filling out the details about the WordPress site you want to manage
9:14 – Fetch data from the WordPress website you are managing
10:12 – Options available for each site you are managing
11:05 – Explanation of the top menu bar on InfiteWP control panel

Setting up your InfiniteWP Settings:
11:54 – Intro to InfiniteWP settings
12:21 – InfiniteWP App settings explanation
13:38 – InfiniteWP security settings panel
14:00 – InfiniteWP email settings and SMTP
14:17 – Setting up CRON jobs or EasyCron Service
14:40 – InfiniteWP App Updates
14:45 – InfiniteWP Connection Method

InfiniteWP Add-ons & Setting Them Up
Buy Add-ons Here: (affiliate link)
14:52 – Intro to InfiniteWP addons
16:10 – Shows what to do if you have your panel already installed elsewhere. (it’s easy to move)
16:58 – Installing InfiniteWP addons to your panel
17:32 – Reload app after installing InfiniteWP addons
17:42 – Show all addons in your control panel
18:02 – Have a question? Want to see a WordPress Tutorial? Ask Us!

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From the Press Avenue WordPress Tutorials Blog:

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP. Managing multiple WordPress sites can be a bear sometimes, especially when it comes to updating plugins or backing things up.

Logging in and out to a few sites isn’t bad but the more sites you add to your WordPress business the hard it becomes to scale this practice and save your time for better things.

InfiniteWP is a plugin that adds the ability to manage multiple WordPress sites with ease. Simply install it, add a site and then the magic starts with the ability to login easily, update plugins, themes and more. Their claim to fame is…

Single, powerful admin panel for all your WordPress sites Optimized for Agencies, Developers & Freelancers


Directions for Installing Infinite WP
Note: You need a fresh or clean WordPress install. This can be done by doing the 5-minute install or clicking install WordPress in CPanel to create a new WordPress website.

InfiniteWP Recommends:

Not installing InfiniteWP on the same server as your sites (I did this for a while and then moved it off)
1-50 sites can be installed on shared hosting
51-100 sites on reseller hosting
101-500 sites on a VPS
More than 500 on a dedicated server

My Recommendation: If you do not have any space, installs or simply need a different server to run this. I would highly recommend Cloudways. I have since moved my install there to free up resources on my main server and when I need more resources I can add them easily without having to move the whole installation to accommodate new WordPress websites.

First, you need a clean install (see above)
Download the Plugin on
Upload the plugin to the WordPress Plugin area (click new then upload)
Activate the InfiniteWP Plugin
Click on the big blue Install InfiniteWP admin panel button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Full Blog Post:

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP

Have a question about InfiniteWP, how to use it etc? Ask us in the comments below.

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites With Infinitewp
Mattie Miles

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