How to Manage Ads in WordPress With Adsanity Plugin

How to Manage Ads in WordPress with Adsanity Plugin
Christena Inman

I’m a very happy user of Adsanity. And since some time I’m using Google adsense. Didn’t use Adsanity for Google adsense but suddenly the plugin shows a google ad in the Adsense Group widget. It should appear somewhere else and not in the widget. What could be going on? Is it a temporary cache problem? Hope someone can help me.

AdSanity Review 2019: Is It the Best Ad Management Plugin?
Janet Alexander

If you need more than the standard features provide, you can expand AdSanity’s features by installing the basic and pro addons. There’re 4 basic and 6 pro addons for the AdSanity plugin. The basic addons are available for free with all of their pricing plans, whereas pro addons are included in only the Developer plan. But, you can buy the pro addons individually and use in your site, with any plan, if needed.

AdSanity Guide
Erma Farmer

In the pages that follow you can walk through the common settings and configurations for AdSanity. Each of the pages tackles a specific topic and dives into as much detail about the topic as possible. Whenever a topic falls under a larger issue, the Guide places that page as a subtopic of the larger.

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