How to Make Your Videos Responsive in WordPress with FitVids

How to Make Your Videos Responsive in WordPress with FitVids
Odelia Arndt

I installed the plugin and followed your set up instructions, good news and bad.
Good news, it works.
Bad news
1. It is not compatible with the Plugin “Lazy Load for Videos”. I had to deactivate that one for it to work. So page now takes longer to load especially if multiple videos.
2. I added the .post CSS selector as advised in the settings. This makes it work on Blog posts but not on Video’s embedded on Pages. If you change .post to .page instead it will thenl work on pages but not posts.
Any way to fix these problems?
Thanks, Denis
Jamika Shannon

Depending on the theme / plugins you’re using, it is possible that embedded video HTML is not being generated using oEmbed.
Disable auto configuration option, and use CSS selector to target your content
Mamie Mitchell

The options page is located on the dashboard menu under Appearance as “FitVids”. FitVids always works with YouTube, Vimeo,, Viddler, and Kickstarter. Use simple jQuery selectors, on the admin page, like body, article, aside and .post to customize what videos become responsive.

How to Make Your Videos Responsive in WordPress with FitVids
Mary Mann

When you embed a video by default these videos are not responsive on your site. Users visiting your site with a smaller screen size will see video containers of the wrong size. In this video, we will show you how to make your videos responsive in WordPress with fitvids.

How to Make Embedded YouTube Videos Responsive in WordPress
Cristina Cox

I’m having a problem with this fix. I’ve added your code to my custom CSS but what happens is that where my youtube videos are normally centered, they now appear to be aligned to the left of the screen. I’m working on a website in a closed environment that I can’t share, and I’m not sure if it’s something your code does or if it’s a problem with my other custom css code and site tweaks. Is there something in your code that causes it to do this?

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