How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

6 Cool Things You Can Do With Sticky Posts in WordPress
Aurea Terrell

This site is an excellent source for all things WordPress. I just finished the article on sticky notes and instantly thought of product launches. Post your sticky note squeeze page and program it to auto expire once you are ready to get back to business as usual. Great article and great site.

How To Make Sticky Posts In WordPress
Elvira Abbott

We all know that new posts are added to the home page automatically, while the old ones go to the bottom. If there are plenty of new materials on the website, you can easily miss old posts. But what if they are important news, announcements, or the greatest news of the weekend/month/year? What if it’s a paid ad/post that gives you money and should be pinned on the top for a while? And here you go, asking yourself a question: how to make sticky posts in WordPress?

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