How to Limit Heartbeat API in WordPress

How to Limit Heartbeat API in WordPress
Phyllis Cohen

If you are a single user on your site, and you are sure that you will not be needing any features made possible by the API, then you can disable it. You can use heartbeat control plugin, we mentioned above, or you can simply copy and paste this code snippet into your theme’s functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin.

How to Disable or Limit the WordPress Heartbeat API
Katlyn Greco

While it’s a useful feature, it can cause trouble sometimes, like slowing down your WordPress website or increasing your server’s CPU usage due to excessive requests, especially when it’s being triggered once every 15 seconds in some cases, like when editing a post.
Doris Barrett

The WordPress Heartbeat API is a great feature that provides real-time communication between the server and the browser when you are logged into your WordPress admin panel. It uses the file /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php to run AJAX calls from the browser. By default, AJAX requests are sent every 15 seconds on post edit pages, and every 60 seconds on the dashboard.

How to Limit Heartbeat API in WordPress
Aurea Terrell

WordPress Heartbeat API is a great feature to for plugin developers. However it can increase your CPU usage and slow down your site if you are not careful. In this video, we will show you how to limit heartbeat API in WordPress.

Artisans Web
Mamie Mitchell

These are some of the cool features of Heartbeat API. However, it can also compromise on your server performance. As each Heartbeat request send an additional POST request to your server, it adds an additional load on your server. We can extend the frequency of these requests or completely stop the Heartbeat API.

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