How to Limit Access by IP to Your wp-login.php file in WordPress

How to Restrict WordPress Admin Access by IP
Magaret Sewell

Are you concerned about the security of your WordPress site? and want to secure the WP Administrative panel? Restrict admin access by IP Address is an effective way to secure your WordPress admin panel. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to restrict WordPress admin access by IP using HTACCESS.

3 Ways To Limit Access To wp-login.php by IP
Nerissa Daily

Use Nginx: many top WordPress blogs use Nginx as their web server. That means you won’t be able to use the mentioned .htaccess code to protect your login page. The good news is the job is still easy to do. I would add the above code to my vhost configuration files or WordPress.conf (depending on how you have setup Nginx).

WordPress: How To Limit Access To wp-login.php By IP Address
Chantel Michaud

If you have a private blog and you only need you to log into the WordPress admin system, you should ensure that your security is tight. One way of ensuring that no one can even try and log into WordPress is by only allowing your IP address to access the wp-login.php page (your IP address must be static otherwise you will have to do this each time you want to log in).

How to Limit Access by IP to Your wp-login.php file in WordPress
Loyce Nabors

Not too long ago, we showed you how and why you need to limit login attempts in WordPress. Shortly after pushing that article, we started seeing an influx in attacks on our site. We had 39 lockouts from various IP addresses in a matter of few hours. Not sure whether it was people who just wanted to test this plugin out so they started to do failed attempts on our site, or whether it was real hackers. As a security measure, we decided to limit access by IP to our wp-login.php file in WordPress. We already have our WP Admin directory on limited access by IP. In this article, we will show you how to limit access by IP to your wp-login.php file in WordPress.

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