How to Learn What Your Readers Want with Pete Davies

How to Learn What Your Readers Want with Pete Davies
Grace Smith

Another possibility is to to use analytics to determine what people do when they actually visit your site. Two of the most popular ones are Google Analytics and Kissmetrics. Something a bit more technical would be using a heat map. By using heat mapping software you can get a very clear idea of what your users are actually doing on your website. Simply changing where you put your sign up button can dramatically affect how many sign ups you get. Pete also made the point that you shouldn’t test what you don’t want to know. If you are not going to act on the data then it is just a waste of time.

Pete Davies
Milda Layman

I start every day with cell phone shame-scrolling & the fresh realization that Trump is president, climate change is unabated, & innocent children are being sexually abused in American custody. Then a silent scream of impotent rage & maybe some coffee. … …

Artspan Sits Down with Painter Pete Davies
Tess Stanford

The first painting I completed was in 1974; I found oils very difficult and had no idea how to manage them.  Prior to that I was considered to be a good artist at school and when I left I took up a Foundation Course at Eastbourne Art College. However I only lasted about 6 months; at that time in my life I wanted to play the guitar and was a very poor art student. In terms of painting and drawing I learnt nothing worth remembering during those 6 months and I’d forgotten all about that part of my life until February 2015 when I decided to teach myself to paint. 

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