How to Lazy Load Images in WordPress

How to Implement WordPress Lazy Load on Images and Videos
Stella Morris

The average web pages weight in at 3719 kB with images and videos making up nearly 78% of the total weight according to the HTTP Archive. That’s a lot of bytes for a website visitor’s browser to download and render, and the trends all point to larger web pages and increased use of images in the future. WordPress is leading the charge when it comes to sharing media and incorporating media files into the site design. With WordPress, it’s easy to integrate images and videos into posts, pages, and even into the background of the theme.
Patsy Lindsey

No, this plugin can be used without any modifications or requirements. It´s using general tags for images, background images, iframes and videos.

How to lazy load images in WordPress
Enda Arriaga

Lazy loading allows you to load images on website asynchronously, meaning only after the whole previous content is fully loaded. Also, you can add some conditions, for example, load these images when they appear in the user’s browser window.

How to Lazy Load Images on Your WordPress Site
Ellen Berry

Disabling lazy load option on specific post or page is a really good option. I think competitor of WProcket is not proving this options. I’m used most of the premium and paid to cache plugins but I recommend WPRocket because it is an awesome plugin and I’m using this on most of the client sites. This plugin helped me to improve the loading speed of the website.

How to Lazy Load Images in WordPress
Colleen Stanley

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