How to Keep Your WordPress Content Safe with BackupBuddy

How to Keep Your WordPress Content Safe with BackupBuddy
Alyssa Osborne

Are you looking for a reliable backup plugin for your WordPress site? Whether you run a small personal blog or a business website, we highly recommend that you setup an automated backup solution for your WordPress site. In this article, we will show you how to keep your WordPress content safe with BackupBuddy.

Which WordPress Files Should You Backup? And the Right Way to do it
Flora Zimmerman

By default, the files in the directory called wp-content are your own user-generated content, such as edited themes, new plugins, and uploaded files. Pay particular attention to backing up this area, along with your wp-config.php, which contains your connection details. The remaining files are mostly the core files, which are supplied by the WordPress download zip file.
If you need to back up your WordPress database, see the Backing Up Your Database.
Rehan Kohli

7 Must-Follow Ways to Keep Your WordPress Blog Safe
Colleen Stanley

Everyone has their own opinion on how to keep a WordPress Blog safe from the old “Hack a Tack.” WordPress became very popular with the ever-growing number of blogs. People started creating all sorts of guides and tutorials for WordPress itself. But little has been talked about security, even though it is such an important topic. Once you know your site is safe from hackers you know you can continue to update and grow your audience and there are many safe companies online that can work with you to expand your business.

How to Back Up WordPress with BackupBuddy
Cherelle Delossantos

BackupBuddy is one of the most popular premium backup plugins available for
BackupBuddy lets you schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups and store
them at an external location, such as Dropbox or Rackspace Cloud, or email
them to yourself.

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