How to Integrate Zero BS CRM with WordPress? – A Review

How to Integrate Zero BS CRM with WordPress? – A Review
Harmony Childress

At first, we didn’t understand why anybody would want this feature, but talking to the developers it has become evident. Most users are installing this plugin on a subdomain such as, on it’s fresh WordPress install. Rather than using WordPress as a blog and a CRM, this works best if installed separately. This won’t suit every user, but makes some logical sense if you’re going to sell this to local businesses, or use it for a small team. Everybody needs access, but not to the sensitive sales data!

Zero Bullsh*t CRM
Remona Friedman

Mike Stott (Epic Themes) & Woody Hayday (StormGate) have distilled decades of web-business experience into one highly-effective CRM platform. Giving back to the WordPress and entrepreneurial community, they’ve made the Core CRM free (to much acclaim), and are proudly working to deliver tools that add real business value to entrepeneurs who know the difference, via ZBS updates and extensions.

How to: Integrate Zero BS CRM with Awesome Support
Glory Ketchum

If you’re using email to handle support then I highly recommend switching to a support desk type system using the Awesome Support Plugin combined with Zero BS CRM. This will save your support tickets getting lost in your emails and it’ll also make sure you’re not losing touch with your contacts.

How to: Integrate Zero BS CRM with Give WP
Santana Quigley

When a donation is made through GiveWP donors fill in their information into the form (including their email address). Zero BS CRM takes this information and adds or updates your customer record. It also creates a new transaction against their profile and you can manage everything in one place.

How to: Integrate WooCommerce with ZBS CRM
Flora Zimmerman

Most WooCommerce + Email Marketing integrations I’ve seen you can tag customers that they’ve purchased from you, BUT you can’t tag them (easily) with the product name of what they’ve purchased. This means your communications are only half tailored (you know they’ve bought, but not what)..

How to: Integrate Zero BS CRM with the KnowAll Theme
Christie Morgan

Here’s where things get juicy. Having your knowledge base setup and self-helping your customers is great, but, even the best knowledge base in the world will still get customers clicking ‘submit a ticket’.  So on that page we setup the Contact Form 7 plugin and set it up so that it is ready to collect customers into Zero BS CRM.

[Review] Zero BS CRM – The Easiest to Use CRM for WordPress?
Josephine Harrison

To say this simply, Zero BS CRM has all the functionality that you’d expect from a serious CRM platform, such as SalesforceIQ or something. But the clear advantage is that while SalesforceIQ can set you back $75 a month or more (the recommended plan for service-based businesses – aka. what most designers would probably choose), the core of Zero BS CRM costs you nothing, and it runs on your WordPress website without any additional integration needed.

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