How to Integrate Gravity Forms With… Well Everything using Zapier

How to Integrate Gravity Forms With… Well Everything using Zapier
Katlyn Greco

If you’ve been following WPBeginner for a while, then you know that we use and love Gravity forms, and we highly recommend it as the most beginner friendly WordPress form. By default Gravity Forms integrates with numerous services, but recently they increased that list by over 200+ by simply integrating with a web-app automation tool called Zapier. You can now integrate your WordPress forms with services like Salesforce, Google Spreadsheet, Highrise, Basecamp, Google Calendar, and so much more.

Export Your Gravity Forms Submissions to a Google Spreadsheet with Zapier
Tricia Floyd

But I’ve heard feedback from clients and other developers who have a hard time with Gravity Form’s export feature, which only allows you to export to a .csv file.  While the CSV file can usually be easily converted to an Excel spreadsheet, this can sometimes cause problems and complications.  One way to get around this problem is to export the answers straight to a Google Docs spreadsheet, which can easily be converted to Excel. Enter  

Gravity Forms Help & Support
Santana Quigley

The first step in integrating with Zapier is going to be creating the form you would like to use to integrate with Zapier. This can include existing forms. It’s best for the form you want to integrate with Zapier to already exist so that when you integrate that form with Zapier the list of fields associated with that form are up to date when you are configuring your Zapier settings on the Zapier site.

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