How to Install WordPress on Windows Using WAMP (Updated)

How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP
Pat Sullivan

Wamp is a popular software for using LAMP functionality in Windows systems. And for blogging WordPress is the most popular CMS due to its functionality and availability of plugins. So if you are new to WordPress and want to play around this blogging software; or want to try out some new things or plugins on your WordPress blog, it is a good idea to install WordPress locally on your system.  Trying out new plugins or customization on your live blog is full of risks but locally you can try out new WordPress plugin, themes customization, CSS changes and many more task.

How to Install WordPress on Windows using WAMP Server
Freda Moody

Navigate to your downloads folder and find the WampServer installation file. Double click the file to start the installation process. It’s best to leave everything at the default settings. You do have the option of choosing a preferred text editor and web browser. I personally use Notepad++ and Google Chrome because these are better for web developers.

How to Install WordPress on Windows Using WampServer ( WAMP )
Theresa Bell

No doubt, WordPress is the best Content Management System ( CMS ) and is open source software that is entirely free to use. WordPress now powers more than 26% of the Internet. It is very easy to create your Website with WordPress in no time, even if you have zero coding knowledge. Thousands of free Plugins and Themes are there to help you build a unique Website. You can also Install WordPress on Windows using WampServer if you want to try something new on your WordPress site or just want to learn Web development /designing.

How to Install WordPress in Windows using WAMP
Eustolia Fincher

Well, the main reason is testing. Let’s face it, you’re going to be installing new themes and plugins. You may be keeping a backup of all your website content in case a big mistake is made but isn’t it better to avoid the mistake on your live website entirely? This local version of WordPress can be used as a buffer for your actual website and keep it safe. It can also be used to write your content in secret, but it is a bit extreme to make a local server for that depending on your content.

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