How to Install WordPress on a USB Flash Drive?

How to Install WordPress on a USB Flash Drive?
Grace Smith

On some occasions, it would be very useful to have a WordPress site installed on a flash drive. Now that you have read this in-depth tutorial, you know the best tools to do this. If you want my opinion, I will pick UwAmp for its simple interface and the unique ability to use various PHP versions. But if you want all the options of a local server, you have to go for XAMPP.

How to Install WordPress On a USB Stick Using XAMPP
Vi Neville

I had put a multisite version of WP on a USB stick a couple of years ago. I added a portable version of Firefox, and included the Mobile Barcoder plugin. The multiple sites could be used for classes, projects or presentations, and it was a nice organizational tool. Add text, links & images, and embed for videos or larger files. As long as you put your USB stick in an Internet connected device, you had a great presentation tool. The “Mobile Barcoder” app created QR codes, on the fly, so I could pull up a site from the Flash drive, and then generate a QR code to share links with the audience.

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