How To Install WordPress Manually – Step by Step Tutorial

How To Install WordPress Manually – Step by Step Tutorial
Margaret Vargas

Provide an appropriate name for the database and click ‘Next Step‘. In the next page, create a database user by providing a username and password. Make sure that you have provided all privileges to the user. You can do that by checking the ‘All Privileges‘ box. With this step, you have successfully created a database for your WordPress site.

How to install WordPress CMS
Grace Smith

Choose a backup locationВ (we suggest to leave the default one) and select if you want the installer to generate backups of your site automatically. If you have the option, feel free to check it. Once you decide how often you want to create backups, you can relax knowing that you can periodically revert to old settings just in case something bad happens to your site. If you select a number next to backup rotation, Softaculuos will keep track of the number of backups. If the limitВ is reached, the oldest backup will be automatically deleted to make room for the new one. Choose the number depending on how much space you have on the server.

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