How to Install and Setup Facebook Comments in WordPress

Cristina Cox

You have WordPress Blog website with more helpful information. Each day, there are many visitors going your website to read. They absolutely leave you their comments below each post. When you allow visitors to make comments on your WordPress posts, you’re increasing engagement, nurturing a conversation, tempting people to come back, and prompting others to generate buzz about your site.

How to Install and Setup Facebook Comments Points WordPress Plugin
Opal Curry

You have probably seen many comments plugin for WordPress blogs which convert your comments section to a predefined style. Few days ago, I developed a Facebook style comments plugin for WordPress. This plugin will not only change your current comments section into facebook like comments implementation but also gives you customization handling from admin side. Also, there are 8 pretty themes which you can use for your blog.

How to Install and Setup Facebook Comments in WordPress
Ammie Blodgett

Are you wanting to add Facebook comments on your WordPress site? Facebook is a massive social network that many people use. In this video, we will show you how to install and setup Facebook comments in WordPress.
Aline Knutson

Comments and scripts will be loaded only after user clicking on a “Load Comments” (of course you can customize this button text too) button, or after scrolling down. You select any of these lazy load methods.

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