How to Insert WordPress Page Content to Another Page or Post
Josephine Harrison

Say your site has a lot of video content, and you want to include video transcripts and video lengths along with the videos wherever you show them. You could just paste the transcripts into the page content under the video, but then you’d have to do this on every page the video showed on. (It’s also just a bad idea, architecturally!) With Insert Pages, you can use a custom post type and create a custom theme template to display your videos+transcripts+lengths just the way you want!

How to Insert Images From the Web into a WordPress Post or Page
Brinda Keegan

The alternative text (or ALT tags) is what appears in a browser if, for some reason, the image doesn’t load properly; it gives the visitor to your site a description of the image. Adding alternative text is also a good SEO practice because it gives the search engines, such as Google, additional descriptive text that helps them further categorize and define your site in their search engine listings and directories.

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