How to Increase Traffic and Sales with Video Marketing

How to Increase Your Traffic and Sales with Video Marketing
Kathryn Reese

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How to Increase Traffic and Sales with Video Marketing
Karry Laporte

People often wonder what type of videos can I create for my site? The basic types are How-To’s, Promotional (could be about discount deals), Educational, Reviews, and Teaser videos. Heather does a lot of blender reviews, so her tip was that in a review video, you should always talk about positives first. In the middle of the video, you want to mention some of the downsides, and then stack it back with the positives towards the end. Because most people are skeptics, this order of the review allows you to make more sales. Last, but definitely not the least, be very honest in your review. If the product sucks, then say it how it is.

7 Ways to Increase Traffic and Sales with Content Marketing
Stefanie Katz

Keep in mind that while more high-quality content is good, not all content is equal, and content is only helpful when it’s well utilized. It’s always best to sit down, create a strategy, and then come back to review periodically to make sure that continuing to head in the right direction. Over time, you may find that some efforts are yielding more conversions and other benefits, and re-focus your efforts accordingly. For best results, don’t stop when you start seeing results. To keep users engaged and search engines promoting your site organically, and to continue to stay at the forefront of new products and industry trends, content marketing campaigns should be a part of your long-term marketing strategy.

Shoot short videos
Sherrie Bollinger

Treat your videos as you would a post on your blog, and spread them across all your channels. Therefore: post it on Twitter, Facebook and talk on your blog about it. Do not expect it to be viral, but that does not mean you should not actively promote it. Share your video on social networks, contact bloggers to share it and try to find the audience that will access the content. Note that YouTube also works as a search engine, and just as you would optimize a publication on your blog , you must also optimize your video. You are already familiar with the rules you must adhere to: a convincing title, detailed description, appropriate keywords, and everything in between.

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