How to Improve WordPress Widget Management with Sane Widget Sidebars

How to Improve WordPress Widget Management with Sane Widget Sidebars
Xenia Seal

Widgets make it so easy for everyone to drag and drop elements into different sidebars and widget ready areas of their websites. While working on our best WordPress responsive themes article, we noticed that most WordPress themes come with a lot of widget ready areas and sidebars. For example, there could be a top sidebar, right sidebar, left sidebar, footer widget areas, and so on. Now if you look at the widgets area in your WordPress admin screen, it would have a long list of widget areas where users can drag and drop widgets. That not only makes it super annoying but also it makes it very hard for beginners. In this article, we will show you how to improve WordPress widget management with Sane Widget Sidebars.

Guide to WordPress Widgets and Sidebars
Eliana Ohara

Enter widgets — a simple but flexible option that’s included in WordPress by default. Widgets are small, pre-built modules that add new functionality to your site. Using a widget, you can include features such as a search bar, a list of recent posts, a custom menu, and much more on your pages. Plus, the method of actually placing a widget on your site couldn’t be easier (we’ll explain how to do this in a moment).
Shavon Peoples

Extend your SiteOrigin Pagebuilder powered website’s widget panels control and management using Widget Options! Restrict devices visibility, change alignments, hide widget panel title, add custom classes and control visibility using display widget logic option!
Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin + Widget Options = Total Freedom!

10 Free WordPress Widgets to Build a Better Sidebar
Latarsha Ashmore

Free WordPress widgets are one of the easiest ways to add new features to your site, such as custom contact forms, upcoming events, and maps to your location (among many other options). Finding the right widgets can help your site look and work better by adding extra functionality. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the free WordPress widgets we’ve introduced you to in this list until you find the combination that works best for you.

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