How To Improve WordPress Site Speed With KeyCDN?

How To Improve WordPress Site Speed With KeyCDN?
Glenda Logan

In the “Zone Type” field, you will find two types of zones – Pull and Push. A pull zone will automatically collect the files from your server. Unless you have files larger than 10MB, you should create a pull zone. But if you have larger files, you have to create push zones for them. Specifically, if the file size is more than 100MB, you have to create push zones. These files are not supported by the pull zones.

18 Tips on How to Speed Up WordPress
Stacey Miller

Normally you want to get rid of plugins, but there is a plugin called Gonzalez which actually lets you disable unnecessary scripts from loading on a page-level and site-wide basis. It isn’t free, but well for the money if you are trying to squeeze out a little more speed. For example, Contact Form 7 is a great form plugin for WordPress, but by default it loads its script on every single page. With this plugin, you can easily disable it and only load it on your contact page. Then repeat with your social sharing plugin, etc. You will most likely be able to get rid of at least 5 or more HTTP requests/scripts by using this plugin.

Inez Ross

Optimus helps reduce the size of the images on your website with the use of lossless and lossy compression as well as WebP conversion. CDN Enabler helps you to easily integrate a CDN with your website which has been shown time and time again to drastically speed up the deliver of static assets such as CSS, JS, image files, etc. Finally, Cache Enabler not only creates static HTML files on your web server to bypass resource intensive processes but also works closely with Optimus in the delivery of WebP.

Google PageSpeed Insights – Scoring 100/100 with WordPress
Daniele Vidal

A lot of people try and strive for that 100/100 score on Google PageSpeed Insights. Some do it because they are trying to speed up their site and others because a client is demanding they meet this metric (yes, this happens more than you think). It is important to take some time though and think about why we are trying to achieve that 100/100 score. Don’t think of it solely from a metrics point of view. The whole reason Google developed PageSpeed Insights was as a guideline on best web performance practices to provide recommendations to optimize your site. And by following the guidelines hopefully, you will achieve a faster website.

How To Speed Up Your Site With A CDN – KeyCDN Review
Eun Varney

I’ll be honest. I’ve been blogging for years without using a CDN. Not because I didn’t think they were useful. I didn’t use them because I didn’t know how to get started and all the info I found online seemed too technical. At the time, there really wasn’t a simple resource I could find that walked beginners through everything from start to finish.

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