How to Improve the WordPress Distraction Free Writing Mode

WordPress Distraction Free Writing Mode
Stefanie Katz

If you use Distraction Free Writing Mode to help you gain inspiration, than a subtle background image or texture might just give you the push you need. There are also discussions about eye strain, as well as energy consumption, due to white-on-black and black-on-white color schemes. You might just want to increase the font-size and/or style when writing in DFWM.

How to Improve Your Writing in WordPress
Vella Whalen

At the end of our round-up I’d like to mention another plugin that could make your content-editing life much easily. Humans are doomed to make mistakes even when creating WordPress content. Actually, it’s normal, the real problems start when the same mistake appears in a bunch of posts, so that you have to edit them all. This is when the Search and Replace plugin comes to the rescue. It simply allows you to search and replace any string inside your DB without any of the normal hassle. The plugin operates directly with the database through SQL queries, so it’s strongly recommended that you backup your database before using it. But with its flexible approach you can correct not only the content of your posts and comments but also metadata, taxonomies and user information.

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