How to Improve Default WordPress Comments with wpDiscuz

How to Improve Default WordPress Comments with wpDiscuz
Margherita Boyle

Another great feature is that wpDiscuz is a free WordPress Comments template. It supports all the social networks: Facebook. Also, you can arbitrarily change the name of buttons and colors in the comment form. However, the inscription plugin still continues, although it is very small: in the form of circles and it will not be visible if it is not pressed. A significant drawback is that the authorization for the comment and enter the site through social networks have to establish through other plug-ins, is associated with wpDiscuz – Default WordPress Comments.

How to Speed up WordPress Comments
Arianna Melancon

As a result, a busy comments section can add a significant load the web server, increase the overall size of the page, bulk up the number of required HTTP requests, and add additional JavaScript resources for browsers to contend with. Whether you’re using native WordPress comments or have plugged in a third-party commenting system such as Disqus or Facebook Comments, comments can be a drag on the speed of your website, and you should make it a priority to optimize the performance of your site’s comments section. Btw. if you are having trouble with comment spam make sure you read our detailed guide on the topic How to Stop WordPress Comment Spam.

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