How to Improve Accessibility on Your WordPress Site

How to Improve Accessibility on Your WordPress Site
Verla Miner

I am getting a bit disappointed and confused that these days it is always suggested that a Word press plugin is needed to do most things in Word Press. At this present time everyone is talking about how important your website speed is, but the more plugins you have installed the slower your website speed is going to be. I would be interested to know some more facts on this subject.
Regards Cliff

3 Actionable Ways to Improve WordPress Accessibility for Your Visitors
Mable Jordan

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your site more user-friendly, even for those with special challenges. All it takes is understanding what those visitors need, and taking a hard look at your site to see where it’s currently lacking. Then, you can use dedicated themes and plugins to make their lives a little easier (and expand your potential audience at the same time).
Marianne Foster

This plug-in helps with a variety of common accessibility problems in WordPress themes. While most accessibility issues can’t be addressed without directly changing your theme, WP Accessibility adds a number of helpful accessibility features with a minimum amount of setup or expert knowledge.

13 Ways to Improve Your WordPress Website’s Accessibility
Doloris Denham

To improve the accessibility of the content on your website, add a text alternative. For instance, if your website uses videos to tell a story, use captions to allow those with hearing impairments to understand the context of the video. Or, if you publish podcasts or audiobooks to your website, offer a text transcript, as well. Offering a text alternative to your visual and audio content ensures the content can be consumed by all.

6 Tips for Improving Website Accessibility
Mamie Mitchell

For the most part, there are no radical measures that need to be taken when designing with color-blindness in mind – as is the case with the majority of the suggestions within this article. A well designed website will generally not cause any major problems for color-blind users. It is worth taking extra consideration however, when designing interactive or call-to-action elements. For example; a simple text link, styled red with no other decoration may be impossible to see if it is within a block of grey or black text. No one is suggesting that you need to stick with default link styling, but it is helpful to use more than one type of decoration such as an underline or background-color.

10 WordPress Plugins to Help Improve Website Accessibility
Dana Cooper

Accessible Poetry adds a floating button that, when clicked, exposes a toolbar to allow for font and contrast changes. You can also zoom in and out of the page, along with mark links and disable onscreen flashes. But the star of the show is its ALT Platform area inside the WordPress Dashboard. This screen will list any images uploaded to your site that don’t have an ALT tag assigned. Even better, you can set a tag for each image directly from this listing.

Improving Accessibility of your WordPress Website
Sandra Gilbert

Using semantic elements gives your content meaning. For example, if you write the header of a section inside a <header> element, then a screen reader will mention that the text is a heading. This greatly improves the accessibility of your website.One more example, if your navigation bar is wrapped inside the <nav> element, then a person using the screen reader will be able to know that the list of links coming up next is the navigation links.

Webriti Themes Blog
Lillie Butler

Considering a very low number of people with disabilities would visit your site, why then should you make it accessible? The social aspects of web accessibility are well documented in this document published by w3c. Well, if you are not in the mood for social work, there is still an incentive for you to follow accessibility guidelines. An increasing number of countries are passing legislations which require websites to be accessible to people with disabilities. For instance, a blind gentleman from Australia won a court case against the committee for the Sydney Olympic Games as they had failed to make their official website adequately accessible to blind users.

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