How to Import / Export WordPress Theme Customizer Settings
Latarsha Ashmore

Astra theme customizer offers several settings for header/footer layout, sidebar and blog designs, colors, backgrounds, typography and much more. You need to tweak the number of settings to make your site look flawless. These settings can be moved to other Astra sites easily with Import / Export Customizer Settings plugin. It will save repetitive work to arrange all customizer settings for each new Astra site or while moving the site from local to live.

How to Copy WordPress Customizer Theme Settings with Import and Export
Enda Arriaga

Depending on the theme you install, it’s somewhat easy to create a unique and attractive website from the Customizer. Spending a few minutes modifying your layout, colors, header images and more can make a difference in site performance in terms of visitor retention. Make it your own and offer something extravagant for your guests.

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