How to Import and Export Custom Post Types in WordPress

How to Import and Export Custom Post Types in WordPress
Marlana Peralta

It depends on how you created the custom post types in the first place. If these custom post types were created by your old theme then you will need to export them before switching theme. If the custom post types were created using a plugin then they would remain unaffected when you switch the theme. Lastly, if you created the custom post type by adding code into your theme’s functions file then you just need to copy that code and paste it in your new theme.

How to Import and Export WordPress Custom Post Types
Margherita Boyle

The import/export function of WordPress works exceptionally well for most custom post types, especially those created by plugins. Depending on the size of your site, you can move WordPress post and page data relatively quick. Make sure you have everything before deactivating the old website. You may find it difficult to retrieve important information if the site is no longer accessible.

How to Import and Export Custom Post Types in WordPress
Edda Battle

The feature to import any data in WordPress themes allows you to add database specific information – notes, pages, news, etc. In our case, we will talk about the import of a special file format eXtended RSS also called WXR file. By happy coincidence, it contains everything that is in the classic WordPress blogs – Build pages, custom record types, comments, custom fields (custom fields), categories, tags and users. If you have WXR file, the import will be a simple and effective – consider all the nuances of this process.

WordPress: Import/Export Posts in Bulk
Amelia Glover

Transferring posts between websites has never been so easy. In fact, it’s not that easy in other platforms. WordPress makes it a piece of cake. It’s even possible to import from other platforms like blogger and tumblr. You can import custom post types too. However, make sure you create the post type before importing. All in all, I have used this plugin to import hundreds of posts in my personal blog, it has saved me a lot of time. It can save you too precious time.
Magaret Sewell

Core Modules – Post, Page, Custom Post, Comments.
Users – Import Users add-on to import your WordPress Users
Custom Post – CPT UI, Custom Press and default WordPress Custom Post.
Custom Field – WordPress default Text and Text area fields.
SEO field – Free version of All in One SEO.
Reviews – WP Customer Reviews

10 WordPress Plugins for Importing and Exporting Data
Flavia Woodworth

Data portability is something that we don’t often think about until we need it. This is especially so with WordPress. Our posts, users, eCommerce orders, etc. live happily in a database. But when we want to access and take that information with us (and potentially import it into another site), it’s not always a simple task.

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