How to Implement Google AMP For Your WordPress Site?

Google AMP – How to Implement it in WordPress
Livia Jeffery

So as you can see there are some easy ways to get Google AMP up and running on your WordPress site. Should you jump on Google AMP right away? It really depends on the type of WordPress site you have running. If you are a magazine or news site it might make sense to implement this right away and start testing AdSense positions. If you are SaaS business it could end up hurting your conversions if you aren’t careful. Google AMP is definitely a major change, especially if you already get a lot of mobile traffic. Our advice is to start testing as that is the only way to know if your business will see positive or negative results.

How to Implement Google AMP For Your WordPress Site?
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Using Google AMP can help you deal with this problem in an efficient way. And to further sweeten the deal, you will get free caching from Google. The AMP Cache is a professionally developed CDN which continuously fetches the AMP pages and caches these for improving the website’s mobile performance. Thanks to the integrated validation system, you can rest assured that the pages will load perfectly every time.

How to Implement Google AMP on your WordPress site
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It is an open source initiative which is sponsored by technology companies like Google and Twitter, and the primary goal of this project is to make websites load faster for mobile users by using minimized HTML and JavaScript which allows the page to load much faster on mobile devices where the mobile user can experience accelerated page load.

How to implement Google AMP on your WordPress site as easily as possible
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Yes you should be providing the fastest, most user friendly mobile experience within your non-AMPed web pages anyway. And yes surely it would be better for Google to promote education on how to provide better, faster mobile pages, rather than insisting that webmasters implement what is essentially a quick fix.

What is Google AMP and How to Implement It on Your WordPress Website
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If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll know that search engines continue to emphasize page speed in its algorithm. Aside from SEO factors, page speed has a huge influence among your visitors in deciding whether they should stay on your website or not. In fact, studies show that 40% of your visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

How to Implement Google AMP on Your WordPress Site 
Parthenia Fortier

In 2016, Google launched a solution for slow-loading mobile web pages called “The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project” or “The AMP Project“. In simple words, Google AMP is a publishing technology for websites that allows the creation of web pages which load instantly on mobiles. Currently, the AMP ecosystem includes around 31 million domains. Site owners take various steps to ensure that users get faster mobile pages, like optimizing images and/or content, keeping the database clutter-free, and choosing the best WordPress Hosting plans, etc. Some site owners also convert their WP website into an app for enhanced user experience.

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