How to Highlight Author’s Comments in WordPress

How to Highlight Author Comments in WordPress
Chantel Michaud

It becomes difficult for users to notice author’s comments on posts with many comments. This sometimes results into users asking same question in comments, even though the author has already answered in an earlier comment. This is why most popular blogs highlight author comments in WordPress. It is really simple, and in this article I am going to show you how to highlight author comments in WordPress.

How to Highlight the Admin and Author Comments in WordPress
Alanna Marrero

Great article! I used this css to style the author’s comments on my site and it worked great. Now I’m looking to change my theme, and in playing around with it, I’ve found that while the author’s comments have the border, when the comments are replies to someone else’s comment, it doesn’t show the border. Is there something special I have to do to include replies?

How to Highlight Author’s Comments in WordPress
Bethany Reynolds

On most sites it is difficult for users to track author comments. Many sites highlight their author’s comments to help resolve this issue. In this video, we will show you how to highlight authors comments in WordPress.

How to Highlight Author Comments in WordPress
Kristin Patterson

One of the cool features of the premium theme I am currently working on is that comments made by the author of the post will be a light blue as opposed to the default gray color. What is great about highlighting author comments is that readers will notice right away when the author has replied to their comments (ideal in community type blogs). And even better yet, it super easy to do. Below is a very simple guide showing you the CSS class you can use to target your author comments differently.
Kathleen Lawrence

I faced this problem too. I am using jetpack and I customised author comments with css but the replies were getting the same treatment. After googling for hours and a bunch of hit & tries I’ve found the solution. Hope it helps you or anyone else who comes stumbling on this page in the future. You just have to add > .comment-block like this:

How to highlight author comments in WordPress
Brandi Flores

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